Spectacular ! Present Bromo Milky Way Tour

Spectacular Package ! Bromo Milky Way TourMilky Way in Mount Bromo Probolinggo is also very impressive For local and foreign tourists who want to take pictures of the beauty of the Milky way at Bromo and 4 locations in the park nasinaol perched Mount Bromo, plumpness visitors of Bromo to see the beauty of Sunrise. Whispering Sands, crater of mount bromo, and  Teletubies hill very beautiful but did you also know that no less beautiful bromo namely the Milky Way is a collection of millions of stars Owns volume as the dust of ice which emits light beautifully located on the outskirts star or galactic plane bromo not only to the beauty of sunrise wrote but there is appeal to the beauty of nature that is the Milky Way fenomina Should you visit, the sensation of mount Bromo milky Way right on time 00 -04 days often occur early in the dry season

Details Milky Way Bromo Tour Package

Day One: Your Location – Tourism Mount Bromo Milky Way

  • Pick your spot has been agreed, then the vehicles we have prepared the drive towards the tourist area of ​​Mount Bromo located in Probolinggo, east java. Recess and lunch at a local restaurant.
  • After arriving at the Tourism Zone Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park stay at the inn, homestay, vilaa and the closest hotel with View of Mount Bromo, after check in hotel and rest in preparation for the tour wake Milky Way

Day Two: Package Bromo – Milky Way Tour

  • Tour Mount Bromo started Hours 11:00 night, you will be picked up by car hardtop / Jeep from inn / hotel you stay to get to Penanjakan 2 to see the Milky Way once finished enjoying the spectacular view of bromo Milky Way is ready to return park of jeep to get to the view point sunrise at the summit of Mount Pananjakan 1 (the best location to see the sunrise).
  • From here you can see the sunrise which is famous for its beauty. After enjoying the sunrise in climbing then tour proceed to the Ocean Sand / caldera Bromo to continue to use the Jeep vehicle, arrived in centra parking area (located before Poten Temple) you can rent a horse or on foot to reach the crater of Bromo.
  • Pleased to see the phenomenon Crater tour continues to Savanna, and Sand teletubbieshill and wispering sand. Having satisfied the exploration of all the charm and beauty of the Bromo and the surrounding tourist back to lodging / hotel, shower, eat breakfast and rest. After check out escorted back to the place you want.


Facilities: Tour Package Bromo Milky Way:

  • Privat Transport (Driver + fuel. + AC)
    (2-5 = Avansa / 6-7 = Innova / 8-12 = ELF Tourism / 13-17 = Long ELF Tourism)
  • Mineral Water 600ml.
  • Jeep Bromo (Penanjakan1Sunrise and climbing 2 Bromo sea sand)
  • Ttiket entered attractions Bromo.
  •  Insurance in Mount Bromo
  • Hotel In Bromo or Homestay

Which does not include:

  • Lunch And Dinner
  • Horse bromo
  • Personal expenses.

What to Bring to join bromo mily way tour  :

  • A sweater / jacket
  • mask
  • gloves,
  • scarf,
  • Guard house (head cover)
  • Shoes