Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package – Midnight Tour One Day

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package – Midnight Tour One Day

Mount Bromo Sunrise – Midnight Tour One Day Trip – Bromo Tour 12 Hours are many tour packages booked to feel the natural beauty of Mount Bromo without a stay because of time constraints, As you know many people, Mount Bromo is a major tourist destination which is best known for the beauty of the sunrise in the morning and very unique crater.

There’s also hill Teletubbies / Savana that can make us feel fresh and relax and while enjoying the sea of sand called Whispering Sands as a complement to tourism in national parks Mount Bromo Semeru, it was the one that we can enjoy during the tours at Mount Bromo, Even without stay with do not have a lot of time off, Midnight Bromo Tour Package tours can both be one option to visit Bromo, cheap and affordable prices lure many visitors from different countries just to see crater of Mount Bromo and Sunrise that so  incredible.

mount bromo sunrise tour

with a tour that will begin in the evening exactly 12 o’clock at night which we named “Midnight Bromo Sunrise Tour Package” and will be presented to you, The following is a schedule of activities Midnight Bromo Tour Package from Airport / Station Surabaya or Malang

Mount Bromo Midnight Tour From  Airport

Midnight Bromo Tour Package – BromoIjenTourism.Com

  • Mount Bromo midnight tour we’ll start with a shuttle from the Airport / Station / Hotel / Terminal in Surabaya or Malang, then go straight to Probolinggo to visit Mount Bromo Tourism, duration takes about 3-4 hours drive.
  • On arrival in the village of Cemoro Lawang, then short a break. and when the Jeep of Bromo tour that has been ordered with the package has come, we will be ready to go to the top of Mount Penanjakan 1 Bromo ( ViewPoint 1 ), or if there has been full of visitors we will provide an alternative, could be climbing 2 ( ViewPoint 2 ), Kingkong Hill, Mentigen Hill of Bromo or even Bromo love can in the hills, and certainly derived scenery does not lose much beauty. Arriving at the summit Penanjakan we will be ready to enjoy the Rising Sun ( Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour ) to complete.
  • After enjoying the Rising Sun Jeep will bring back to go with a tour to Bromo crater through the desert at the foot of Mount Bromo, on arrival in the parking Jeep, participants can start the climb to the crater of Bromo, about 1.5 km / 25 minutes or it could be on horseback as Another alternative to Bromo.
  • Towards enjoying a trip to the Bromo crater, the tour will proceed to Savavah, there we will be spoiled by a very large garden, fresh nan Green and after that, we will go as a tourist tour whispering sand cover.
  • Then the Jeep Bromo will bring us back to Cemoro Lawang to terminate the program Tour Bromo Midnight, and then breakfast at a local restaurant, and a short break for enjoying atmosphere of Bromo for the last time, then we will be brought back to Surabaya or Malang to leave Bromo, do not forget to say goodbye Bromo, After visiting mount Bromo the team will  take you to your last destination in Surabaya / Malang station/ Hotel,  the program Mount Bromo Tour Package  has been completed.

Mount Bromo Midnight Package Prices

Many fun things that you can enjoy in Mount Bromo, a vacation with Bromo midnight travel packages is the cheapest and easiest.

Everything that is needed for the Tour to Bromo, we will provide, for you who are our guests, Bromo Ijen Tourism.

There are still many Bromo tour package offers for our prospective guests, in addition to this Bromo midnight tour package, please read other packages as below :

Regarding the pricing information and more complete facilities, you can contact us through various media that can be connected, and the following are the pricing details Bromo Midnight Travel Packages that you can choose and tailored to your group number

Prices Total Persons
IDR 575.000/Pax 20-30 Pax
IDR 600.000/Pax 15 Pax
IDR 645.000/Pax 10 Pax
IDR 675.000/Pax 5 Pax
IDR 850.000/Pax 4 Pax
IDR 950.000/Pax 3 Pax
IDR 1.150.000/Pax 2 Pax

Facilities Travel Mount Bromo Midnight Tour:

  • Transportation From Surabaya / Malang Airport – Return
  • Jeep Bromo Tour Sunrise
  • Entrance for Bromo
  • Breakfast + Mineral water during the trip
  • Guide

For pricing and ordering is also more information about cheap travel packages Bromo especially regarding Bromo Midnight Tour Packages From Surabaya or Malang please contact us

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