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East Java is the province with the most extensive area on the island of Java. The geographical conditions are really very diverse. We can find mountains, sea and even jungle in East Java. This province also has a significant role in the historical record in Indonesia.

East Java Tour Package


Based on the facts, it can indeed be said that East Java is a province with a very complete tourist destination. Various tourist attractions, ranging from landscape tourism, cultural tourism, history, to culinary tourism are also presented in the easternmost plateau on the island of Java. Therefore, the choice of tourist attractions in East Java is very diverse. We can choose tourist attractions according to our needs and heart. For those who like history, you can visit several museums in Malang and Surabaya. Whereas for those of you who like to look from height and also outdoor tourism, the mountains in East Java are always ready to climb.

For those of you who are lucky, you might just be able to take a tour package to East Java. Indeed tour packages are currently one of the travel agents’ mainstay weapons to package tourist choices for customers. It is undeniable also that tour packages are also one of the solutions for many people who do have many daily activities. Because of the limited time they need excellent time management through tour packages. Tour packages to East Java are now one of the trends that many people want. One of the very special tour packages to East Java is given by BromoIjentourism. We, as an online travel agent, currently travel a lot to East Java, starting from East Java tour packages, Mount Bromo tour packages, Ijen Crater, Malang, Tumpak Sewu and even Central Java and the island of Bali.

Private And Open Trip To East Java With Low Prices !

Speaking of East Java, it will not be separated from Mount Bromo with such beautiful natural attractions. Besides Mount Bromo, you will often hear Baluran National Park with the nickname “Little Africa of East Java”. Besides the two locations, there is also the Ijen Crater which has a perpetual blue fire. It is said that this eternal blue flame has only two in the world. The first is in Iceland and one can be found at Ijen Crater. It’s a very interesting location right? Maybe tourism in East Java can be your best choice on vacation with your friends. We have also opened an open trip to East Java to you especially Bromo and Ijen Crater. The location between tourist destinations that are not too far away is the reason why many travel agents open trips to East Java. Open trips to East Java also have targeted quota restrictions, so don’t miss them. Come on, book now and open a trip to East Java with your friends only at BROMOIJENTOURISM.COM.

Option Tour Packages to East Java, Indonesia

Several tourist attractions in East Java have been booming in recent years such as Mount Bromo, Malang, Surabaya and also the Baluran National Park with its Ijen Crater and the G-land beach in Banyuwangi which is the target of surfers from all over the world. So it is not surprising, if the East Java tour package becomes one of the wishlist of many people to enjoy the natural beauty of East Java. Bromo Ijen Tourism also currently offers attractive offers for tours to East Java. This East Java tour package can give you a solution with your friends who might be different in choosing tourist attractions in East Java. You can enjoy several tourist destinations in East Java in a given package tour to East Java. This East Java tour package will give you a price that is certainly much cheaper. What are you waiting for? Come follow the complete tour package promo to East Java from BROMO IJEN TOURISM, the best travel agent in Indonesia.


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