Mount Ijen Crater Savana Baluran Tour Packages 3D/2N

Mount Ijen Crater Savana Baluran Tour Packages 3D/2N

Mount Ijen Crater Savana Baluran Tour Packages 3D/2N – Do not need much to Africa to enjoy the thrill of savannah and wild animals, all in Baluran National Park. While in the crater, you will see a blue flame phenomenon that there are only two places in the world where both are located in the region of Bondowoso and Banyuwangi. The following is an example of the Mount Ijen crater and Savana Baluran 3 days 2 nights Banyuwangi is :

Package Mount Ijen crater / Ijen Plateau, Baluran duration of 3 days 2 nights tour schedule begins with pick-up participants from the region of Surabaya /Malang / Banyuwangi airport/station

Package Tours Ijen Crater & Savana Baluran Bayuwangi

Day 1: Meeting Point in Surabaya / Malang – Hotels In Ijen Bondowoso

  • Pick up the tour with a meeting point that you specify (Area Malang / Surabaya / Banyuwangi) in the morning at around 08-09 pm and then immediately followed a trip drive towards Blawan Bondowoso.
  • The journey from Malang / Surabaya towards Blawan expected to take 6-7 hours whereas if the maximum Banyuwangi hour shuttle from 4-5 pm with only a 1-2 hour long journey towards Blawan.
  • immediately upon arrival in the area of the hotel, check-in hotel accommodation in Ijen. For overnight is used Lodging in Catimor / Arabica Homestay (the nearest hotel to Mount Ijen) and free program.

Day 2: Travel Ijen Volcano Tour Blue Flame – Accommodation In Baluran

  • Early morning participants will be in the wake by our team of around 12 nights. Upon immediately check out and prepare to the Post Paltuding which is the entrance to climb to the summit of Mount Ijen.
  • The journey from the inn to the Post Paltuding estimated +/- 1 hour. On arrival at Paltuding then our team will take care of admission Iijen and then guided by local guides start climbing to the top of the Ijen Ijen trekking path along +/- 3 km with a travel time of about 2 hours.
  • Upon arriving at the peak of Mount Ijen Crater, participants are free to travel and enjoy the beauty of the crater lake and a view of blue fire and after being satisfied Ijen crater exploration beauty & Phenomena Blue fire crater, then down left Ijen crater and go back to the Paltuding Post.
  • Arrive at Paltuding then rush to get to the National Park Baluran with a long 2-3 hour drive to the Post bars which is the entrance gate Baluran National Park.
  • Then our team will take care of the permitting advance after completion proceeds to Savana Bekol / Bama Beach to check in the inn glaze.
  • While in Baluran, who used the inn is on the waterfront could Pensions Bama or Bekol savanna region and needs to be known for maximum illumination only until 11 pm only with a private bathroom and one room enough for three people. Then free to enjoy the natural beauty around the inn.

Day 3: Tour In Baluran – Transfer Out 

  • Waking up in the morning and then wait for the sunrise in the glaze. Then proceed with bird watching in Manting Trail Area.
  • After breakfast, and pack and prepare to leave Baluran National Park and our team drove to the location of your final destination with us in the area of ​​Surabaya / Malang / Banyuwangi. after arriving at your destination, Tour Kawah Ijen Baluran Packages is Finished

Facilities Packages Mount Ijen Crater Baluran 3Days :

Price Include

  • Transport Tourism Standards (AC)
  • Hotels in the crater + Breakfast
  • Hotels in Baluran + morning + Night + Breakfast Lunch
  • Admission all the tours
  • Tour leader or guide
  • mineral water

Please contact us (via phone / SMS / email) for more details and details about the price and the facilities that we offer in the program Ijen Baluran Tour Package – Tour Travel Deals Baluran crater 3 Days 2 Nights.

Packages Mount Ijen Crater Mount Bromo East Java :


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