Travel Trip To Mount Bromo – Kawah Ijen Volcano Tour Packages 3D/2N

Mount Bromo – Kawah Ijen Tour Packages 3D/2N – If you see Sunrise at Mount Bromo is already Mainstream then this time we will invite you to enjoy the Beautiful Sunrise at Mount Ijen Crater Bondowoso or Banyuwangi and see the rare natural phenomenon in Ijen Crater namely “Blue Fire”. it is easier and saves the cost of travel to Bromo and to the Ijen crater, a solution for those of you who want to travel to Mount Bromo in small groups or on their own.
This blue fire can be seen only in the Ijen crater and Mount Bromo does not have it, at the peak of Mount Ijen with an altitude of 2368 masl. Blue Fire of kawh ijen an appearance that can only be seen at the early hours of the day at the Ijen crater peak. Besides in East Java, Indonesia is in Iceland, “The Blue Fire phenomenon of ijen volcano is very popular lately, this is a phenomenon that is second to none, this phenomenon is already well-known among foreign tourists, such as France, Netherlands, Japan, Britain, China, Vietnam , Singapore, Thailand and many countries are not mentioned. every year hundreds of tourists come just to witness this unique and rare phenomenon. Blue Fire appears between the rock gap between 01.00-02.00 WIB, this phenomenon will slowly be invisible when the sun starts to rise. Usually, hundreds of people will gather at Ijen Crater to see this phenomenon, then proceed to see the beautiful sunrise.

Package Mount Bromo & Kawah Ijen Tour East Java


  • to start this Tour Package Bromo we pick you up at the airport, hotel or station or in Surabaya / Malang,
  • after meeting with our team and then proceed to Cemoro Lawang village, Probolinggo (long trips Surabaya – Bromo Tour around 3-4 hours),
  • to fill the journey time you can visit the area shortly in hot mud Sidoarjo (Lapindo mud). And continue the journey and the stay at the hotel arround of Mount Bromo.


  • Mount Bromo tour will begin at 03. 00 am, you can use the jeep picked up from the hotel to the viewpoint at the top Pananjakan 1 (View Point tallest Bromo) located at the edge of the caldera Bromo to see the beautiful sunrise (bromo sunrise).
  • After enjoying the sunrise, fell back into the sea of ​​sand and proceed toward the crater bromo. Satisfied with the crater of Mount Bromo continued to Savanna Hill Teletubbies and Whispering Sands. approximately at 9. 00 pm
  • we returned to the hotel, breakfast and clean – clean themselves and Chek out. Driving to the village of Sempol-Bondowoso, the village closest to the crater of Mount Ijen attractions reached approximately 4-5 hours drive.
  • The trip to the crater through the mountains, coffee plantations and villages. Arriving at rest, free program.


  • early morning at 05. 00 toward Paltuding with a duration of about 45 minutes to start Tour Kawah Ijen‘ drive,  Paltuding Post locations where start to Trekking ascent to the crater which requires approximately 1, 5 hours to get to the crater.
  • Satisfied enjoy the scenery and panoramic Around the crater and see the activities of the sulfur miners back to the post as well as
  • preparing to go back to Surabaya or Banyuwangi Ketapang Port those of you who will continue the trip to Bali. Travel Package Mount Bromo – Kawah Ijen crater completed.

Package Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Tour Includ :

  • 3 Days 2 Nights transportation (fuel, driver, toll, parking, etc.)
  • Hotels in Mount Bromo + breakfast in the morning
  • Jeep Tour in Bromo + Travel destination (Pananjakan, Bromo Crater, Savannah, Sand whisper)
  • Hotels in the Ijen crater + Breakfast
  • Admission Bromo crater + and Kawah Ijen
  • Local Tour Guide
  • Mineral water

Package Mount Bromo Ijen Volcano Not Includ :

  • Personl needs
  • Horse in Mount Bromo
  • Flight Ticket


For those of you who want to find out more info OF Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Pacakge or, please contact us, we also provide tour packages throughout East Java, so the above packages can be adjusted to you want

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