Get Cheap Bromo Package Offers Views Of The Milky Way

Get Cheap Bromo Package Offers Views Of The Milky Way

Cheap Bromo Milky Way Tour Package – Is one of the leading programs for Bromo tour packages offered by where we will invite visitors to see the beauty of night tours on Mount Bromo by seeing the beauty of a cluster of stars stretching in the sky. A new program that is very well-liked by travelers who like hobbies especially for nature tourism that is very cool and interesting.

Spot or location to see the beauty of the Milky Way Bromo cannot be found in every place in Mount Bromo. Certain locations that we prepare for you will produce special and promising photography results. Because we have delivered a variety of world photographers and they are very satisfied with our service because we do not invite to spot the Milky Way carelessly.

Mount Bromo Milky Way Tour Package

The beauty of the Mount Bromo Milky Way 
In general, the Milky Way of Mount Bromo Tour Package is almost the same as the Bromo tour package 2 days 1 night, but at certain hours you will invite us to take the Milkyway hunting to produce the perfect photos. Following above, we have provided an overview of the Bromo Milky way tour package that we offer to visitors of Mount Bromo tourist attractions with a very special star panorama.

Itinerary of the Bromo Milky Way Tour Package

Here below are the details of a tour of the Bromo Milky Way tour package with a duration of 2 days 1-night tour.

 Day 1: Pickup – Hotel in Bromo – Hunting Bromo Milky Way

– Pickup in the city of Surabaya / Malang either from the Airport, Station or from other hotels or cities agreed upon
– Towards the Mount Bromo Tourism area, the trip is around 4 hours
– Until at Mount Brom check-in hotel at mount Bromo area and take a break
– After dinner around 7 o’clock, you will take Milkyway season 1 Bromo hunting
– Return to the hotel around 10 pm and rest

Day 2: Mount Bromo Milky Way – Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour – Transfer Out

– We will wake up at 1 pm for Bromo Milkyway Season 2 hunting.
– After getting the maximum results at 4 am towards the 1st step to see the sunrise
– Get off to the sand sea to get to Mount Bromo
– Visit Padang Savanah, Whispering Sand, Teletubies Hill, and other interesting locations
– Once satisfied, explore the best tourism potentials on Mount Bromo back to the Hotel
– Arriving at the hotel, having breakfast, taking a shower and resting
– Check Out (maximum check out at 12 noon) and transfer back to the location we agreed to
– The Bromo Tour Package Program is complete

Note: To be more maximal for the Milky Way Bromo hunting it usually takes 2-3 nights

Price of the 2019 Milky Way Bromo Tour Package

Please Contact Us at Phone / SM / WA: +81234571135

Regarding the price of the tour package that we provide depends on the facilities desired, the number of tour participants, and the date of the tour departure, for more information about this tour package please contact our admin for the telephone number listed on this website. and below are the standard facilities that we provide,

Price Mount Bromo Tour Package includes:

Hotel Accommodation 1 Night in the Bromo Tourism Area (list of hotel choices in the Bromo Tourism Area click here)
Hardtop Jeep in Bromo for Milky Way Hunting and Explore Bromo Tourism Packages
– Private PP Transport (Car + Driver + BBM)
– Breakfast, Body Warming Drink or Coffee Break during Milky Way Hunting
– Ticket to Mount Bromo
– Parking, toll and village retribution
– Mineral water during the trip.

What you need to bring for the Milky Way Bromo Tour:

– Warm clothes / Jacket
– Mask
– Gloves.
– Scarf.
– Corpus (headgear)
– shoes

For more detailed information about the Bromo Milky Way Tour Tour Package please contact us.

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