Wonderful ! Mount Semeru, Highest Peak In East Java, Indonesia

Wonderful ! Mount Semeru, Highest Peak In East Java, Indonesia

Wonderful ! Mount Semeru, Highest Peak In East Java, Indonesia  

Ascent to Mount Semeru 3.676mdpl – East Java – Introduction – Indonesia has too many places ‘luxury’ with a natural feel too fond, if not explored and enjoyed. Mount Semeru nature in its beauty are just a handful of real-world examples. Mount Semeru itself very popular among hikers and nature lovers in particular, made even those who have never conquer it really wants to reach its peak. Conquered Mount Semeru can be said is the dream of every climber and nature lovers in Indonesia.


Mount Semeru popularity could not be separated from the natural beauty it offers. The highest mountain in the island of Java, as the third highest volcano in Indonesia, has Mahameru as the highest peak with an altitude of 3,676 meters above sea level (masl). Mount Semeru included in the map of Malang and Lumajang, East Java. And perhaps most known about Mount Semeru itself is, at least in my opinion, one of the many mountains in Indonesia’s most difficult to overcome.

mount semeru


Ascent will always be remembered if it is told and written. Of the many experiences we get for traveling to many places, the climb to Mount Semeru has its own story that I think will be very hard to forget. This active volcano challenged us to conquer, and in August 2014 ago, we and the group felt compelled to answer the challenge.

Meeting point is set at Surabaya airport at that time our party has 11 members, we begin the journey. From Surabaya we started the trip with bus shuttles to Terminal Bangurasih. About 3 hours drive from 1 pm, we arrived at Terminal Arjosari, Malang around 4 pm. At that time we chose Ranu Pani Line Overlap as our main line to conquer Mount Semeru, so we headed Overlapping in Malang.

There we are encouraged to climb the jeep. Normal capacity jeep itself can be climbed by 15 people, but the average transport owners have suggested that each jeep filled by a maximum of 13 people. Perhaps the reason for overcapacity or so. But definitely, the costs to rent it when it is around Rp 650,000, – one-way per group (not per person). At the time we arrived at Ranu Pani around 6 pm, while the climbing lane closed from 4 pm and opened the next day at 7 am each day. Because it was late in the day, we decided to stay in the basecamp Line Ranu Pani who happened by chance shack there and be inhabited by about 3 group or a maximum of 20 people.

Repose sleeping as mandatory equipment, we also spent a night in basecamp. The next morning we have been standby at the Post Perizininan around 6am. Of course we got a briefing on the situation and climbing tips to better prepare mentally to be better prepared for the climb. The delegation also get an inspection equipment. Keep in mind, one of the main conditions in the ascent to Mount Semeru is the equipment and physical; for the equipment itself every member should have 1 piece sleeping bag. For those who do not carry can rent them at various places leasing / outdoor gears shop around Rp 20,000, – a special day sleeping bag.

Pos Licensing itself is open at 7am. So during a briefing before the climb, we also had a chance to stretching and breakfast. At around 9:30 am we start climbing. Starting point of our ascent is Ranu Pani, Tumpang, past plantations citizens with paved roads along them until the final gate at the foot of Mount Semeru about 500 meters ahead. When we passed the final gate, which previously paved roads turned into paving blocks. Adrenalin encouraged when we started it. By relaxing without the slightest hurry we enjoyed the time during ascent.

Road conditions from Ranu Pane towards Landengan Dowo still shaped paving, so I think it was a little easier. Distance total of Ranu Pane Towards Landengan Dowo is 3.5 KM or average takes 1.5 to 2 hours to climb relaxed. Here we can still see the estate residents along the way. From Landengan Dowo towards Watu Rejeng, climbing has started to enter the forest. It takes the same time to arrive at Watu Rejeng. Although already started to feel the atmosphere of the forest, the track can still be categorized as an easy path. Here the cold temperatures had begun though not yet going to make us shiver. Not to forget to mention it, along this path we will also pass the ‘Bridge of Love’, a small bridge over a time / river.



ranu kumbolo

After a total climb for approximately 4 hours, or 2 hours of Watu Rejeng, our party arrived at Ranu Kumbolo. Ranu Kumbolo itself is already very popular beauty, even abroad. Many fellow climbers at that time were just climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for a visit to Ranu Kumbolo, not up to Mahameru. Because Ranu Kumbolo itself is a highly recommended place to set up camp, we decided to spend the night in Ranu Kumbolo while certainly enjoy its beauty.

Ranu Kumbolo
sunset Ranu kumbolo Sunset (Frederikson Tarin & Lupita Thanaya)
Ranu Kumbolo there is a very beautiful natural lake. Although the water is very clear, Mount Semeru National Park management does not allow anyone to take a shower in there so as not to pollute the water, regardless of the cold temperature of the course. In the midst of calm and beauty of the scenery around, we set up a tent in the middle of dozens of other climbers tents. Beauty around the lake Ranu Kumbolo would make anyone wonder. This is what happens to us all the time.

For us, After leaving Ranu Kumbolo and continue climbing towards Mahameru, a trip which actually starts when leaving Ranu Kumbolo. The reason; the track is far more difficult climb, temperatures become more extreme, spots core or popular start skipped, and Mahameru already noticeable. Towards Oro Ombo from Ranu Kumbolo, each climber must necessarily pass through a ramp-known by the nickname ‘Zoom Love’. Pr itself is catchy and unique. Aside from draining when the past of course, naming Tanjakan Love itself is based on a myth. According to another group of climbers friend to me, naming is done because people said; if passed Ramp Love while imagining our loved ones without looking back, someday he will be our spouse. Unfortunately when the past and know the myth, I’ve had time to look back.

Approximately 40 minutes drive from Ranu Kumbolo – Bridge of Love – Oro Ombo with a total distance of 1 Km, we are given the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the lavender plant. Or Oro Oro-oro Ombo Ombo itself is a vast land contains Lavender plants whose height is as high as an adult human. Hiking trails that climbers passed into splitting the land. Although beautiful, but I suggest caution in stepping because a lot of ‘mine’ or a former human intent that might be missed out of sight when passing through it. Perhaps because the place is closed, Oro Ombo is often used as a favorite place to defecate. When we arrived at Oro Ombo, means we officially have been at altitude 2.460mdpl.

Of Oro Ombo towards Cemoro Cage will take about 30-45 minutes leisurely ascent. Hiking ascent also offers a ‘bonus’ in the form of flat track. From Cemoro Cage towards Jambangan not much different from the time that will be needed than ever. Many beautiful plants can be found in the Post this vase, one of which of course Edelweiss. From Jambangan, we set the target to be able to arrive at KALIMATI early in order to have a chance to set up a tent for the sake of the night once again. Indeed, large land so that it can accommodate a lot of the group, but when the party is climbing very much, so of course we anticipate. Arrived about 30 minutes, we immediately set up a tent in the middle of dozens of tents that little flanking us. The bad thing, the space we became a little disturbed. And the good thing, the wind less free to slap us during the night. Altitude has reached 2.700mdpl when we were in Kalimati.

After an overnight stay, we decided to continue the climb at night around 11pm for a chance to enjoy the Sunrise from Mahameru. Although the recommended place to stay overnight is Arcopodo, we save time as well as possible so that we do not miss this opportunity. Not suitable than the original plan, departing from 11 pm from KALIMATI, we had to postpone the trip due to a hurricane. We had to wait out the storm for about 8 hours. Withstand the cold? Of course. Even one at a hypothermia victim began to fall at the time. For the sake of conquering Mahameru, we are willing to wait for 8 hours on a trip while enjoying Sunrise quite beautiful, although not according to plan early. Around 8 am after waiting out the storm, we arrived at Mahameru.

The struggle for Mahameru, Mount Semeru Peak, East Java entourage paid off when we got there climbers. We managed to conquer it, in spite of the many obstacles in the way, and it is a great honor and an unforgettable experience for us all. It offers incredible scenery awesome. And the more remarkable, we all surfed with our own capabilities.


sunrise mount semeru

Mahameru, Mount Semeru, East Java Indonesia has a height of 3,676 meters above sea level, making it the highest mountain in the island of Java, a volcano third highest in Indonesia after Mount Kerinci and Mount Rinjani, as well as the mountain with the highest peak fourth in Indonesia after Kartenz, Kerinci and Rinjani.


  • Ranu Pani – Landengan Dowo (Distance 3 Km – ± 1.5 hours)
  • Landengan Dowo – Watu Rejeng (Distance 3 Km – ± 1.5 hours)
  • Watu Rejeng – Ranu Kumbolo (Distance 4.5 Km – ± 2 Hours)
  • Ranu Kumbolo – Oro Ombo (Distance 1 Km – ± 30 minutes)
  • Oro Ombo – Cemoro Cage (Distance 1.5 Km – ± 30 minutes)
  • Cemoro Cage – Jambangan (Distance 3 Km – ± 30 minutes)
  • Vase – KALIMATI (Distance 2 Km – ± 30 minutes)
  • KALIMATI – Arcopodo (Distance 1.3 Km – ± 2.5 hours)
  • Arcopodo – Cemoro Single – Mahameru (Distance 1.5 Km – ± 3-5 hours)

Total time of ascent can reach 10-13 hours, depending on the physical and climbing conditions. If the storm will be possible to postpone the climbing for a few hours or even cancel the ascent to the summit of Sumeru. Temperature or climate in time to make the climb is also very crucial.



When it is required to pay an administration fee of Rp 17,500, – per day on normal days until Saturday. Especially for Sunday charged Rp 22.500, -.
Sleeping bag rental fee (equipment required) Rp 20,000, – to Rp 45,000, – per day.
Supplies and other logistics costs could reach Rp 300,000, – per person.


Mount Semeru become one of the favorite destination for nature lovers, especially climbers. Whether it’s the beauty of the surrounding Ranu Kumbolo, KALIMATI, Oro Ombo even Mahameru become an integral part of Mount Semeru own. Mount Semeru me to be conquered at least once in a lifetime. Experience ascent to Mount Semeru to conquer Mahameru will be an unforgettable experience for life, at least I think. Congratulations and greetings climbers conquered!

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