When the best time to travel to Mount Bromo ?- My Story !

When the best time to travel to Mount Bromo ?- My Story !

When the best time to travel to Mount Bromo ?- My Story !The beauty of Bromo-Semeru National Park looks like it has been undeniable. This mountain is always a favorite traveler, both domestic and foreign. do not be surprised if Mount Bromo is never empty. Best Moment pursued visitors here is none other than the time of sunrise or sunrise. Seeing the sunrise from the top of Mount Bromo it …. highly Something! But unfortunately not all lucky traveler witnessed this spectacular moment. It turned out to be capturing this moment there are special times. So when is the best time to visit Bromo ????

First moved to East Java, Mount Bromo has entered the top list where should I go. Many times the plan, but always in doubt. Back and forth, it is not clear .. as worried about the condition of the body. route to Bromo was pretty heavy, what more for toddlers. Not to mention the weather was very cold, as a good mother does not want anything bad to happen to a beloved child. After browsing here and there, finally we have to take my children travel to Bromo.


Visit Mount Bromo, Probolinggo East Java, Indonesia 

There are several avenues that we can take to get this to location. We can bring your own car or rent a car. Many also offer tour packages to visit Bromo, please choose according to your budget. There are four lines that we can use, through the town of Probolinggo (like these we’ve been through), Wonokitri village via the town of Pasuruan, Malang city via Ngadas village, town and village Burno via Lumajang. If from Surabaya I recommend via Probolinggo. Approximately 4 hours of our trip here full journey.
Armed with some warm clothes and supplies headed to our taste of Sidoarjo / Surabaya. All hotels already full booked but we continue because according to many stories about houses for rent. It was April, and the rainy season has not ended in East Java. The cold weather and thick fog accompanied along the way, is looming failure to catch the sunrise at moment of Bromo. Aahh … let me, most importantly, can see the grandeur Bromo with their own eyes. Learning from the “failure” that I’ve had, in this post I want to share the “secrets” that you are not one time been to Bromo.


Best Time To Visit Mount Bromo East Java

This is the big secret of the traveler. The best time to visit Bromo is starting in June-October, or more precisely during the dry season. Why summer? Due to good weather and fog-free, so the possibility sunrise looks really great. Now the dry season does not mean the weather friends know .. it’s getting colder season, could even reach zero degrees. So bring warm clothes, let alone that brought children. Jacket, coat, sweater, shawl, hat, gloves, socks, etc.

The distance between the inn and the Bromo-Semeru National Park pretty much, so make sure the late hours of 3:00 were out of the hotel. The entrance to the peak of Mount Bromo is not easy. Approximately 5km from the parking lot we had to walk, if there is a horse that can not be rented. It costs about 50,000-Rp. 60,000, depending on negotiations alone. Up on Mount Bromo, there are still about 235 stairs that must go through to reach the summit of the mountain, ffuuiiihhh …. relax .. if tired ya stop, do not need to be forced. Our son just could ride without help at all, we are the adults can not. Keep the spirit, brother !!!!

Oooo … one more advantage when we visited Bromo about August because usually the locals who come from the Tengger tribe used to perform traditional ceremonies Kesodo. Kesodo ceremony is usually performed midnight to early morning every full moon appeared around 14 or 15 month Kesodo (to ten) according to the Javanese calendar. Kesodo ceremony is a ritual performed Tengger tribe to invoke abundant harvest and asking for safety from danger (starting reinforcements). The ceremony is done by throwing offerings into the crater of Mount Bromo. When the procession ceremony took place not only tribe who meets Bromo Tengger, visitors from all over the world cornucopia national ditaman Bromo-Semeru.


Budget to Visit Mount Bromo !!!

It took how much money to enjoy the national park of mount Bromo? Not too bad. If you are planning to look for the hotel stay of away days. Besides can get a price that is more friendly, we do not need to laboriously search for lodging there. Indeed, many visitors are rented house but cost quite wow … facilities are also not complete. Imagine Rp.450.000 pernight with small rooms and bathrooms without hot water .. mountain of ice wooooww … So we … if we want berbackpack like us, please leave the evenings of Surabaya. Having finished a sunrise drop by kepadang sand and hills Telettubies. In this way we are already saving about 400,000 As late passable yes.

Divert funds earlier inn for transportation, for this one we do not have a choice. Private cars are not allowed into Bromo, so we had to rent a car hardtop already provided travel cooperatives. Important tips … go here do not own. The more crowded the better. Why? Because we can share the cost of renting a hardtop. One round of the National Park Bromo costs Rp. 500,000 to Rp. 600,000, quite right if you can share. Provided that could deceive, well, we do not need to shell out a lot of costs.

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Well, that’s it. Hopefully the tips I share helpful here. Please formulate plans Holy Mountain Bromo now again the dry season. Enjoy the beauty of Bromo. Happy traveling.

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