When is the Best Time to Visit Mount Ijen Crater East Java, Indonesia

When is the best time to visit Mount Ijen Crater in Banyuwangi?

Administratively, Ijen Crater is located in Banyuwangi; city located on the tip of Java. Besides being a favorite location of climbers, this attraction also attracts other tourists who want to see the beauty of nature from a height. For visitors from outside Java, you can book a flight ticket to Surabaya, then continue the land trip for approximately 7-8 hours. Another easier alternative is to buy direct flight tickets to Banyuwangi.

The crowd of tourists who come is not without reason. One of them is because Ijen Crater has one of two bluefire aka eternal fire that exists throughout the world. In addition, there are several other attractions that make the Ijen Crater so popular. Well, to facilitate the holiday trip, let’s look at the tips on visiting the following Ijen Crater.

In addition to preparing flight tickets, you also have to think about when is the best time to visit Ijen Crater.

Actually, this Ijen Crater can be visited at any time, depending on the free time you have. It’s just that there are several seasons that make this tourist attraction very crowded with tourists. What is clear, avoid coming in during school holidays, because you can be sure the number of visitors will burst and make you unable to enjoy the scenery casually.

ijen crater attraction east java indonesia

When should we visit Ijen Crater Banyuwangi / Bondowoso ?

1. Between December and January At the end of December, the intensity of the fog that covers the summit of Mount Ijen tends to be thinner. Visitors can see a panoramic view of blue fire and beautiful Ijen Crater Lake without being blocked by thick fog. Unfortunately, December to January is still included in the rainy season in Indonesia. It’s good, you bring enough supplies and preparation before climbing to the top of the mountain.

2. Between July and September Well, summer which falls in July to September is a favorite time for climbers to visit Ijen Crater. Without rain, the soil surface will become drier, and facilitate climbing time. In addition, sunlight is also brighter in the dry season, making you not too cold because of the mountain air.

3. Climbing in the morning If you have decided when you will go to Ijen Crater, the next important thing is to decide when to leave. It is better if the trip starts in the morning, considering the air is still cold and cool, and the mountain fog will accompany you throughout the trip.

Usually, tourists will start the trip at 05.00 or 06.00, and arrive at the summit three to four hours later.

The risk of climbing during the day is the fast wind that blows. That causes sulfur gas to be easily carried away by air and disrupt your breathing.

4. Climbing at Night The favorite time for climbers to visit Ijen Crater is at night. Most of them started the journey at 10pm, and walked leisurely to the summit. Once there, you can set up tents and camp overnight waiting for the arrival of dawn.

At dawn, the view from the top of the mountain looked so charming. You can see the mist blanket above Ijen Crater slowly fading, accompanied by a beautiful sunrise panorama. Guaranteed, the trip to the tiring peak will not be in vain.

How to visit Ijen Crater from Malang, Surabaya and Bali ?

Routes and Paths to the Location of the Ijen Crater from Malang Surabaya and Banyuwangi you can search on the Google map, but to help you facilitate the location of the following Mount Ijen crater, we will review the route and route to the location of Mount Ijen Banyuwangi.

Mount Ijen is the location of the largest sulfur miner in East Java located in Banyuwangi district. In addition to the current mining location the Mount Ijen area is a favorite location and tourist spot in Banyuwangi because of its natural beauty. To get to the location of Mount Ijen crater can be traveled from Surabaya , Malang and Banyuwangi.

Ijen crater tourism of East Java is the only mountain tourism object in Banyuwangi that has a very rare natural beauty such as blue fire, natural phenomena like this in the world, there are only 2 of them in the Mount Ijen Nature tourism area Banyuwangi. If you intend to visit the Ijen Crater tourist site can go through the route to Ijen from Malang city, Surabaya city and Banyuwangi city.

The route and route to the ijen location from Malang and Surabaya can be traveled by road for 6-7 hours if the road is normal without any traffic jams, but if you go to the Ijen location from Banyuwangi you can take 1-2 hours of driving.

The route and route to the tourist location of Gunung Ijen Banyuwangi can be traveled from the eastern route (Bali – Banyuwangi) and West Line (Surabaya / Malang). Access to Gunun Ijen crater locations and attractions from Surabaya, Malang and Banyuwangi. Visitors who come from the west route can use the route and the route to the Mount Ijen crater as follows:

Tips To Visit Mount Ijen Crater From Surabaya, Malang Airport From the West

  • Surabaya / Malang then headed to Bondowoso area with a distance of around 191 Km
  • Arriving in Bondowoso, it was continued to Sempol village, approximately 165 Km away
  • If you have arrived in the village of Sempol Bondowoso then go to Banyupait village with a distance of about 14 Km
  • From Banyupait to the Paltuding post as far as approximately 4km
  • Arriving at Paltuding means you have arrived at the location where you started
  • climb to mount ijen. Then from Paltuding to the summit of Mount Ijen Crater must climb as far as 3 Km.

Tips To Visit Mount Ijen Crater From Bali and Banyuwangi, From the East 

  • If you are from Bali then head to – Banyuwangi can (airport or to the port of Ketapang Banyuwangi)
  • Arrive in Banyuwangi then drive to the slippery sub-district with a distance of 15 km
  • From the slippery sub-district then to the paltuding post with a distance of about 18 km
  • Arriving at Paltuding means you have arrived at the location of the start of the climb towards the top of Mount Ijen
  • Then from Paltuding to the summit of Mount Ijen Crater must climb as far as 3 Km.
  • It takes 6-7 hours by foot from the village of Jambu to Ijen Crater, and slippery and dangerous road conditions. The recommended time to visit Ijen Crater is around April – October, because during these times it is the dry season and the roads around the location are not slippery and safer.

Ticket prices for climbing to the summit of Mount Ijen

One of the most popular places currently in the city of Banyuwangi is Ijen Crater, currently the location of the crater at the top of Mount Ijen has been widely known by broad tourists both domestic and foreign. This tourist attraction is always crowded by tourists, especially during national weekends or holidays, there must always be an increase in visitors, both domestic and foreign.

The tourist attraction of the crater located at Tamansari, Licin, Banyuwangi Regency, East Java is a lake that is located right on Mount Ijen, the lake was formed as a result of the eruption of Mount Ijen which eventually became a very beautiful crater lake. The tourists who come to this location will be presented with a view of the green lake with a collection of fog and smoke around it and below is a list of ijen crater prices for Indonesian and foreign tourists.

Kategori Week Day  Weekend And Long Holiday
Local Tourist Rp 5.000 Rp 7.500
Foreign Tourist  Rp 100.000 Rp 150.000

* Prices are subject to change at any time

Visit Kawah Ijen Crater An Active Volcano With The Complete Packages


  • When we pick you up at the airport / train station / terminal / hotel in Surabaya or Malang in the morning to start the ijen crater around 6-7 hours, on the way to the Kawah Ijen Tourism area, take a break and have lunch at a restaurant around the beach in White sand Situbondo. After that, continue driving again around 2 hours to the inn or hotel on Mount ijen, after arriving at the hotel, check in and free program. Because of the location of hotels on coffee plantations, you can take a walk in the plantation area, visit the Blawan waterfall or soak in a natural pool of sulfur hot water.


  • Tour Kawah Ijen Blue Fire starts around 2 in the morning. Then by driving from the hotel it takes about 45 minutes to reach Paltuding Post which is the location where the start for the climbing of Mount Ijen crater. After arriving at the Paltuding Post, start trekking or hike about 1, 5 hours to reach the crater. After being satisfied to enjoy and explore the charm of Ijen crater blue fire and the sunrise of Ijen until satisfy then go back to Paltuding and head  to the hotel, clean up, rest , breakfast and pack and check out, our staff will take you back to Surabaya or Malang, Harbour Banyuwangi, after arriving in the final location, the Tour Package program Ijen Crater 2 Days 1 Night is complete

Pacakge Price Trip To Visit Kawah Ijen Crater Blue Fire 2019

1 person IDR 3.100,000 / pax
2 people IDR 1,850,000 / pax
3 people IDR 1,650,000 / pax
4 people IDR 1,350,000 / pax
5 people IDR 1.100,000 / pax

Complete facilities according to our explanation above. That includes dter lodging close to Mount Ijen, entrance ticket to Ijen Crater, in Malang that was visited. Rent a car to the ijen crater according to the tour schedule with drivers and local guides. Eat according to the tourist brochure above. So if you travel to Ijen with us then everything is handled by us, you just enjoy the tour of Ijen Banyuwangi crater with us.

Please contact us for complete information about the facilities and prices of the Cheap Ijen Crater Tour Package 2019 above.

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