Rent Car: Privat Tour Surabaya, Malang, Tour Mount Bromo

Rent Car: Privat Tour Surabaya, Malang, Tour Mount Bromo

Car Rental Tour Mount Bromo “BROMO IJEN TOURISM” is a car rental service since 2009 in Probolinggo and its surrounding areas. Our car rental has been registered at Probolinggo City Licensing Agency, Department of Transportation with Notary, NPWP, TDP, HO, TDP, TDL. With the spirit, the professionalism of our teamwork, the prayer of parents and the permission of God Almighty, we successfully trusted to develop the business wing of car rental services through Online media.

We will serve wholeheartedly with the quality of service that is comfortable and safe and certainly make you memorable. If you have holiday plans in East Java, Especially in Mount Bromo, Surabaya, Batu Malang, and Kawah Ijen, we will prepare everything from transportation, hotel, jeep and other facilities needed during the tour according to the package of your choice. Prove the quality of our ability and service by using BROMO IJEN TOURISM

If you are looking for cheap and affordable rental car prices or packages tour around Probolinggo, Surabaya, or Malang, by now you are in the right place, we rent various rates. Competitors rate. To make it easier for customers to determine the most suitable rental package, Cars + driver + Fuel into one package and include all services such as driver services, parking, gasoline, and feeding drivers, so you can focus on enjoying the Holiday without having to think about additional costs.
One of the advantages of our tariff is a car rental package that has experienced in the field of tourism, so you can travel freely to many interesting destinations around East Java without any doubt about our experience. even we also give bonuses for vacation car rental to Bromo mountain, which is with packing scarf and gloves.

Car Rental Tour Mount Bromo, ( Surabaya – Probolinggo )

Bromo Car Rental Price from Surabaya that we will offer, highly varied depending on the facilities and capacity and the number of participants needed tour, the price is very affordable and premium service, Transport rentals cheap for tourism is not a rental car as in general. This is because Mount Bromo is a famous tourism place in Indonesia and even the whole world. But the road to get there is not an easy matter, a winding road and up and down the right and left of the gorge, it takes great expertise in driving an excellent car and experience. Therefore it takes a lot of skill and experience.

Tour Mount Bromo Car Rental Terms

✓ Car rental rates above include rental cars, drivers, fuel, parking fees, driver feeding costs

✓ The above rental rate does not include the entrance ticket, the driver’s lodging fee when staying out of town.

✓ Car rental price above for destination in Surabaya,  Tour Malang, Tour Bromo, Ijen Crater, etc. For destinations outside the East Java area that will be charged different rates, please contact us for a detail destination and best price info.

✓ Overtime is 10% / hour from rental car.

✓ For full-day rental package maximum usage at 21.00 WIB.

✓ The above tariff rates are not included in the High Season period.



  1. Package Tour Mount Bromo Midnight Start 12 Pm

Cheap Package that we recommend is Mount Bromo Midnight 12 Hour or Package to Bromo 2 Days 1 Night, check the full schedule here

2. Package Tour Mount Bromo – Kawah Ijen – Banyuwangi 

Mount Bromo, Kawah Ijen – Banyuwangi
Where this rental package will offer Package Mount Bromo Kawah Ijen 3 day 2-night transportation transports, for the schedule of this transport lease starting from the meeting point of Surabaya / Malang, then proceed to Bromo on the first day next to next day on the second and third day proceed to Kawah Ijen and Banyuwangi, for the time it takes about 6-7 hours drive from Bromo Mountain Area, If you have a flight scheduled to arrive at Morning Airport, We suggest you go to Ijen Crater first, For Bromo Ijen Crater Tour Package can be seen here

3. Package Tour  Surabaya, Batu Malang

Malang Batu tourism, is one of the most visited tourist destinations, especially on Saturday Sunday also on other days. If you are a family want to visit the city of Malang Tourism and Batu Tourism city will certainly require transportation in Malang to support your holiday facilities. Actually, the trip from Malang to Batu is very close, it only takes less than 45 minutes, but of course, you need an unusual car rental vehicle which is an excellent, fit, clean and friendly driver and experienced to make your trip comfortable. In addition to the above car rental package that we also serve Car Rental Malang with tourist destinations such as Jatimpark, Museum Angkut, BNS, Surabaya, Suramadu, etc., This car rental can be adjusted to your wishes, for Batu and Surabaya Batu tour package can be checked here

Mount Bromo and Surrounding Tour Packages Include:

  • Transportation, Fuel, Drivers, tolls, etc.
  • Hotel in tourist location + Breakfast
  • Entrance Ticket
  • Jeep Tour in Bromo
  • Guide
  • mineral water
  • etc

We are committed to providing the best service by preparing reliable vehicles from both performance and aesthetic aspects. Supported by customer service staff who are ready to answer questions and provide the best solution for you. Drivers who will drive you are selected drivers through rigorous selection, reliable driving skills, friendly, traveling routes and have a tourism insight.


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