Kumbolo Event Organizer Tour Package 2Days 1Night, Luamajang East Java

Kumbolo Event Organizer Tour Package 2Days 1Night, Luamajang East Java

Kumbolo Event Organizer Tour Package 2Days 1Night, Luamajang East Java – Ranu Kumbolo or kumbolo lake is a freshwater lake that is in the shade of the government of Lumajang Regency, East Java, which is located in the Tengger Mountains, at the foot of Mount Semeru. This lake has an area of ​​approximately 15 hectares.

For some nature lovers and backpackers, Ranu Kumbolo is a familiar place. Because this lake is a transit place for those who will continue the journey to climb the summit of Mahameru on Mount Semeru which is called the highest peak on the island of Java.

With debris that is never lacking, Ranu Kumbolo always gets the attention of some climbers to build tents in this place.

There is its own peculiarity behind the beauty of Kumbolo Lake in East Java, which is when the sun begins to rise between two green hills that appear slowly and make our eyes not able to refuse to enjoy them.

Not to mention the situation of the lake when the fog starts to fall in the afternoon when it is combined with lake water, it is truly a panorama that cannot be spoken. When night falls we will be treated to a cluster of stars from the Milky Way galaxy that we cannot yet see when we are in big cities because the glare of the city lights is so clear.

Next to it is a hill called “the hill of Love” which is said to be if we climb to this hill by thinking of people we love without looking back then we can be happy with him. But the higher we climb, the more tempting it becomes. Because of the height, the panorama of Ranu Kumbolo from the hill will look even more beautiful.

Ranu Kumbolo Tour Package 2 Days 1 Night, enjoy the charm of the beauty of the lake Ranu Kumbolo just can not because the beauty of the lake still untouched by human. Some lakes are found in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS) into a destination for climbers who like natural beauty and scenery. Kumbolo Lake which has an area of ​​approximately 15 hectares is a lake that is green and beautiful in the ascent to Mount Semeru, usually climbers set up tents around the area Kumbolo Lake to stay overnight to enjoy the cool night air around, before reaching the summit of the mountain semeru, Check >>> Package Trekking Mount Semeru

Ranu Kumbolo Tour Packages

Duration only 2 days 1 night from pick-up until the tour was over, different tour packages bromo midnight which takes only 12 hours. see also Bromo Midnight Tour tour package here

  • Day One: Will be picked up by our driver in the morning from Surabaya or from Malang directly toward Overlapping area, from here you will be driving a Jeep / Hardtop heading to Ranu Pani region. Arriving at Ranu Pani will start trekking around 4 hours to get Travel to Ranu Kumbolo. All camping equipment will be assisted by the porter, After arriving Trekking Ranu Kumbolo porter team will set up your tent for the night for dinner and rest at the same time.
  • Day Two: Enjoy the beauty of the sunrise and the beauty exsplore Ranu Kumbolo in the morning, you can take pictures of several different views of the sides here. after lunch preparation trekking heading to the same place that Ranu Pani, from here you drive a Jeep / hardtop that we have prepared heading into Overlapping areas. Arriving at Tumpang will be escorted to the Airport / Station area of ​​Malang and Surabaya and Ranu Kumbolo Tour Package is program is finished.

Facilities Package Trip Ranu Kumbolo 2D/1N :

  • Transport Ac (fuel, driver, tolls and parking)
  • Transportasi Jeep / Hardtop PP Overlapping – Ranu Pani
  • Tiket Entered attractions
  • Guide
  • Porter Team according to the number of participants tour
  • Camping and sleeping bag
  • Eating Ranu Kumbolo

Not included :

  • Individual needs
  • Insurance
  • Medicine

Terms and conditions Of Ranu Kumbolo Package Tour

  • Quota of at least 12 people, if the quota is not fulfilled, the choice of trip can be canceled or the trip will continue with the price adjustment (according to the agreement of both parties)
  • Cancel trip with certain considerations beyond our capacity and the participant’s DP will be refunded 100%
  • The event / itinerary schedule can change depending on weather and weather and traffic conditions.
  • If the destination is not possible to visit because of a disaster, weather that does not support, closure of tourist attractions, or other reasons beyond our control, then the participant is not entitled to request compensation or return on fees paid.
  • There is no return for Down Payment or money already paid for trip participants who cancel their participation.
  • Paying a DP as a minimum “commitment fee” of 50%, can be started from a published note / event or it can also pay off in full.
  • Prices can change at any time if there is a national fuel increase or other increases related to tourist destinations.
  • Confirm payment via Web / Email / WA, by attaching proof of transfer

For the price of tour packages Ranu Kumbolo tour 2 days 1 night please contact contact person who has provided this website. Check>>> Packages Ranu Kumbolo Semeru Trekking 3Days 2Nights

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