Ijen Crater Sharing Tour Package, The Cheapest Price In Banyuwangi

Ijen Crater Sharing Tour Package, The Cheapest Price In Banyuwangi, Ijen Crater Open Trip – is one of the tour package services that cater to tourists going on a vacation or vacation to the Ijen Banyuwangi Crater tourist attraction. Ijen Crater tour package tour service itself can facilitate the journey of tourists who want to climb to the top of Mount Ijen, with the best services and facilities guaranteed to be able to provide a quality travel experience to tourists.

Not only facilities and services are prioritized, but the problem of travel costs on this tour package service is also quite cheap and does not drain the pockets of prospective customers. Even better, Ijen Crater Open Trip tour service also serves trips to Mount Ijen every day, therefore tourists who have different vacation schedules by ordering this tour service are guaranteed we don’t need to delay tour schedules again to Ijen Crater which is indeed much awaited by most tourists.

You must be wondering why the Ijen Crater Open Trip tour package service is chosen by many tourists? The answer to this problem is very easy, one of the things that makes this the best tour service is the price given to prospective customers is quite cheap and affordable. Ijen Crater Open Trip becomes so cheap because the price incurred to carry out the tour is the cost of the joint venture of the service customer. Starting from the transportation costs and costs for the guide, all have been borne together and also departed at the same time.

ijen crater open trip

The Excellence Ijen Crater Open Trip

Ijen Crater Open Trip is one of the tour package services that are in high demand by tourists, besides having many advantages this tour package also provides some enjoyment to prospective customers.

Some of the pleasures received by tourists are the cost of a trip to tour Ijen Mountain including a very cheap price, this is because all matters regarding transportation equipment used, drivers, and guides have become the responsibility of the Ijen Crater Open Trip service provider fully.

With these advantages, tourists can simply follow the directions and go to the tourist sites. In addition to being able to save money by ordering this tour service, tourists are also able to save energy and travel time.

Besides being able to enjoy some of the benefits of this tour package service, the participants will also get some acquaintances from new friends who come from within or outside the region. Even if lucky we can get acquainted with tourists who come from abroad.

Besides being able to get acquainted with the participants, they can also exchange stories about the destination or other things as long as it does not interfere with our trip and vacation to Mount Ijen, but it still feels comfortable and enjoyable.

As you know, most of the Open Trip tour package services are held by the provider on holidays or weekends only. But it is very similar to the Ijen Crater Open Trip, it is because this tour package organizes tour trips to Mount Ijen every day and also without any limit on the number of participants.

With this, the tourists who want to go on vacation to Mount Ijen Banyuwangi can use this tour service every day and can invite our families or relatives to go on a tour together. You can also visit other Banyuwangi attractions by following the banyuwangi tour package from https://www.bromoijentourism.com/.

Ijen Crater Open Trip Tourism Destinations

On this Ijen Crater Open Trip tour package, participants will start their journey by being picked up by drivers at midnight from various pickup pick-ups in the area around Banyuwangi Kota such as hotels, stations or also other lodging places in the vicinity.

After picking up and gathering at the designated meeting point, participants will begin their journey by being escorted to the Paltuding post which is a starting location for climbing the Ijen Banyuwangi Crater which will start climbing around 1-2 am. To go to this post location will cover a distance of about 3 km and takes about 1 to 2 hours of travel.

After reaching the Paltuding post the participants will be briefed and briefed, then begin the trekking to the top of the Ijen Crater guided by our highly experienced Professional Guide.

When it reaches the top of Ijen, tourists will see various kinds of natural scenery presented by Mount Ijen. And for tourists who are interested in seeing the phenomenon of blue fire in the Ijen Crater can continue their journey down to the Ijen Crater to be able to witness the blue fire phenomenon firsthand.

Blue Fire Of Kawah Ijen East Java

As we know, Ijen Crater is the name of the crater found in Mount Ijen, including one of the active volcanoes of this mountain located in the border area between Bondowoso Regency and Banyuwangi Regency.

While for Kawah Ijen, Ijen Crater itself is one of the tourist destination destinations that are in great demand ranging from domestic tourists to foreign tourists also helped enliven the atmosphere at the Ijen Crater. One of the things that are quite interesting in the mountain which is at an altitude of 2,443 meters above sea level is the existence of a natural phenomenon that is unique and rare, namely blue fire or blue fire.

The phenomenon of Kawah Ijen blue fire itself is found around the Ijen Crater area which is a very sour crater lake and is at a depth of about 200 meters. To be able to see the phenomenon of blue fire climbers must go to the lip of the Ijen Crater, many of the climbers who visit the Ijen Crater area to be able to see this rare phenomenon.

That is because the phenomenon of blue fire or better known as blue fire can only be found in two places namely Ijen Crater, Indonesia and also in Iceland. To be able to see this rare phenomenon itself can only be witnessed by tourists in the morning before sunrise which is around 2 to 3 am.

Kawah Ijen, Ijen Crater Sharing Tour Prices 2019

Do you want to go on a trip to Ijen by paying a fairly affordable travel fee? But getting the best and most complete services and facilities. Immediately Contact us https://www.bromoijentourism.com/ at +62 81234571135 to order Ijen Crater Open Trip directly. Serving the departure schedule every day IDR.400,000 per person (without any minimum number of participants). Immediately order our tour package services because when else can go on trips to Ijen Crater by spending quite cheap, but getting guaranteed quality services and facilities. For those of you who want to visit the national park as well, you can see the Ijen Baluran itinerary open trip.

Ijen Crater Open Trip Itinerary

  • 00:00 Meeting point in the area around Banyuwangi Kota
  • 00:15 Drive to Post Paltuding (picked up with drivers)
  • 01:00 Arrived at the Paltuding Post, holding a briefing
  • 01:30 Climbing to the summit of Ijen Crater
  • 02:00 Exploration of Enchanted Nature in Ijen Crater, Sulfur Mining and Blue Fire
  • 06:30 Get off at the Paltuding Post
  • 07:00 Return to the meeting point (if conditional and optional stop by Jagir Waterfall)
  • 09.00 End tour Open Trip Ijen Crater

Price Open Trip Kawah Ijen included

  • PP transport from pickup locations around Banyuwangi to Paltuding Post
  • Driver Fee
  • Fuel
  • Entrance ticket
  • White water, mask
  • Guide

Price does not include

  • Go and Return transportation from each city
  • Lodging in Ijen
  • Eat
  • Personal expenses
  • Equipment that participants must prepare
  • Jacket
  • Comfortable sandals/shoes for trekking
  • Gloves and skullcaps
  • Headlamp (if you have one)
  • Camera
  • Medicines and snacks for traveling

Private Trip To Kawah Ijen, Ijen Crater Surroundings

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