How To Visit Madakaripura Waterfall Near Mount Bromo ?

How To Visit Madakaripura Waterfall Near Mount Bromo ?

How To Visit Madakaripura Waterfall In Bromo ? – Still in the area which is close to Mount Bromo, we can see a waterfall that is so spectacular and beautiful. This waterfall is commonly called Madakaripura. In this place where meditation is considered as the last of the famous duke of Majapahit that Gajah Mada. Let’s pay a visit to Niagara Madakaripura.

Madakaripura is one of the highest Waterfall in East Java

Indeed, to get to Madakaripura Waterfall not too easy. From the entrance, you have to walk down the valley in the Tengger Mountains. Impassable terrain also rocky road, some of them already in the form of the neat but are often damaged when a flash flood, including crossing several rivers. However you will be satisfied with the cool air and natural beauty along the way to Niagara Madakaripura/ Madakaripura Waterfall.
You can also see the statue of Gajah Mada before continuing the journey to  Madakaripura Waterfall. With a walk of no more than 30 minutes, you will be amazed to witness the beauty of Niagara Madakaripura. In the depths of the valley that resembles a tube, which is surrounded by very high cliffs, you will see how magnificent Niagara Madakaripura. It
Madakaripura Waterfall with a height of about 200 meters, is the highest waterfall on the island of Java. Even in Indonesia, this waterfall is the highest ranks second in Indonesia after the Niagara Sigura-Gura near Lake Toba, North Sumatra.

That is why, traveling by foot to Madakaripura not in vain. You will see sights that fascinate the charm of the surrounding natural splendor. Water waves were so swift to make the drops like mist covering the surface of the lake as deep as 7 meters below this waterfall.
Around the waterfall there is a cave that is believed to be a meditation of Gajah Mada. In this place, according to the story hereditary, vizier Gajah Mada gets his power and in this place is also believed to be the duke mystically disappear. That’s why this site is called Madakaripura, which means “the last place”. It is also why the area is frequented by the Tengger to perform certain rituals, especially on certain days.


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Facilities available at madakaripura tourist sites

In the vicinity Waterfall of Madakaripura already there are several stalls selling food and drinks. So you need not fear hunger because of the cold air at this location. You can enjoy food and drinks are available in the stalls around Madakaripura Waterfall.
In addition, there are also rental of umbrellas and plastic for storing your luggage. This is because the waterfall is so heavy along the cliffs towards Madakaripura that can make you wet. Bathrooms are also available at this location.
Also follow the instructions of local tour guides. Especially the lake below Niagara Madakaripura have a fairly swift current. The rivers in the vicinity can also overflow and flash floods, especially in the rainy season, so you need to be careful when visiting this waterfall in the rainy season.
However, the local government can pay more attention to all the facilities and services available in this tourist area. Because there are many inadequate facilities and poor service from the guides or guards vehicle parking.

You have to prepare this before visiting the Madakaripura Waterfall

1. Fund preparation.

Prepare some money for this trip to Madakaripura. In addition to transportation, porters and entrance tickets and consumption and accommodation. The place to stay that we recommend and close to the waterfall is located in the Bromo area or staying in a tourist area around Malang and the Batu area. Public transport fares or motorbikes to Madakaripura do not reach Rp. 25,000. But if you rent a car from Probolinggo, it usually costs around Rp. 150,000 (PP, including drivers and fuel). For tickets to enter the Madakaripura waterfall, Rp. 5000 per person and if using a local guide service is charged Rp. 50,000 per porter. Of course this rate is not as expensive as when vacationing with children to Kidzania Jakarta, which requires funds of hundreds of thousands of rupiah per person during weekends.

2. Physical preparation.

Make sure you have excellent physique because the trip is quite heavy. Go up and down the hill with several points that are easily landslide and slippery. You need to be careful when you pass the path that is often traversed by mountain avalanches. If you use a guide, surely you will not feel heavy through the terrain as far as 1 KM.
waterfall near Mount Bromo

3. Consumption preparation.

In general you do not need to worry about food because along the road to Madakaripura waterfall there are stalls that can be used as a place to rest and taste snacks. But certainly, do not let you lack drinking water. The ride up and down the hill certainly makes tourists thirsty. Mineral water (fresh water) is the most important thing you reserve both for the trip to depart and return from the waterfall.

4. Clothing preparation.

Why is it very important to bring a change of clothes here? Of course, because traveling to a waterfall like Madakaripura is not pleasant if you don’t experience wetness. Put replacement clothes and pants into your backpack. No need to worry about heavy loads because there is a porter who will help carry and maintain your items. To avoid splashing water, several stalls provide umbrellas for visitors to rent.
Documentation preparation. What a shame it is unfortunate if you don’t bring photographic equipment while visiting this most beautiful waterfall. Document your trip with a video and photo recording camera.

Madakaripura Waterfall is one of the tourist areas you can visit after visit to Mount Bromo. With grandeur, is the perpetual waterfall will pour the water at any time in the “giant tube” which was in the depths of the Tengger Mountains valley.

Travel Package To Madakaripura Waterfall

National Park Bromo-Tengger-Semeru
Madakaripura Waterfall still in the National Park Bromo-Tengger-Semeru. In this area, you can enjoy the beauty of Mount Bromo that are well known in various corners of the world. Yes, the whole region is presenting nature that is so unique, from the stunning sea of sand at Mount Bromo, Mount Semeru grandeur to the surrounding nature is so beautiful. Including on the other side of this area, you can also enjoy how beautiful and spectacular Niagara Madakaripura. This waterfall is located approximately 1 hour drive to the north of Mount Bromo.
Location of Madakaripura Waterfall toward Probolinggo, precisely in the Village Wean, District Lumbang, East Java Province. The closest major city to the region is Surabaya and Malang. The journey from Surabaya around 3 hours ago Bromo region continued to Madakaripura Waterfall.

Tips for visiting the Madakaripura Waterfall

Seeing the beauty of the Madakaripura waterfall in East Java needs to be accompanied by high comfort. So your visit can be more memorable and fun. The best advice and tips from us are:

Wear special shoes or sandals as if to go up the mountain. Comfortable and relaxed clothes are the best choice to wear.

Make sure to come in the morning.

It is said that there is a myth circulating in this area that is so that you come before 2:00 p.m. (2 o’clock in the afternoon). Because it is raining frequently in the afternoon and the exit from the waterfall area is often submerged by floods and landslides.
When you arrive at the waterfall, take time to take a break before you play around it. Heavy water flow becomes very dangerous if you lack concentration due to fatigue.
There are several waterfalls in the Madakaripura area. We noted that there were five objects, ranging from small to heavy water discharge. Each has its own level of difficulty, especially if you want to get close to the location. Roads with slippery stones are a challenge for you.
Complete your trip by walking to the cave near Madakaripura waterfall. Photographs in this cave are very exotic. but you need to be careful because slippery stones will block you before you reach the cave.
Be vigilant, there are some irresponsible people who will interfere with your vacation trip. Like for example suddenly appearing in the middle of the road and as if accompanying and chatting with your porter, then when arriving at the location will ask for money. Ask the porter to evict them subtly. Likewise when you arrive at the parking lot when you want to go home. There are people who argue that they have washed your motorbike or car and asked for money. It’s best to remind the driver who is carrying the car to be alert to someone like this.
With all the detailed preparations mentioned above, you can be sure that you will feel comfortable while visiting and enjoying the beauty of Madakaripura waterfall in Probolinggo. Create a memorable journey when you head to this unforgettable place in East Java.

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