Hotel Lava View Lodge, Best Hotel In Bromo East Java

Hotel Lava View Lodge, Best Hotel In Bromo East Java

Hotel Lava View Lodge, Best Hotel In Bromo East Java – Mount Bromo Tourism Area in East Java Province is one of the tourist destinations that attract many people to visit. Many visitors from local and abroad who want to enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains “Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park“. in the holiday of course the tourists want to choose a place to stay / stay comfortable and safe as a resort before the next day to do tours and holidays together with friends – closest people, relatives, clients, and even your group friends. One worthy reference to take into account as a place to spend the night in the tourist area of ​​Mount Bromo is “Hotel Lava View Lodge Bromo“. A variety of perks and amenities will definitely get from this hotel without a doubt. This hotel is a favorite hotel and most visited by tourists because it provides excellent service and also has a direct view of Mount Bromo and the sea of ​​super sand.


Hotel Lava View Lodge In Mount Bromo is a hotel located in the village of Cemorolawang, Ngadisari Village. This hotel is the right choice for your trip in the tourist area of ​​Mount Bromo. location of hotel lava View lodge Bromo is very strategic and easy access by tourists who want to stay in bromo, The location of this hotel is the closest with crater of bromo, this inn also has many advantages in the appeal of other hotels around Cemoro Lawang and Ngadisari, owned hotel lava view is very beautiful and very remarkable, the scenery lgsung to bromo mountain make a place to stay in bromo this makes the choice berfaforit stay at bromo mountain.


Facilities Hotel Lava View in Bromo

Hotel Lava View Lodge is very consistent with the fact the service and facilities provided. As a five star hotel, visitors who stay overnight in this hotel will not be disappointed. The facilities offered include all rooms of an appropriate standard. Each room is equipped with mineral water and hot water ready to pamper you. The hotel is also equipped with bungalows, delux etc. If you go to Bromo, do not forget to stay at Hotel Lava View Lodge Bromo.

Room Rates Hotel Lava View Lodge

This Lava View Lodge Bromo hotel offers 6 types of guest rooms with different facilities and rates including the list of hotel types and rates
Standard Superior: Rp. 700,000 IDR/ Night
Bungalow Double: Rp. 800.000 IDR / Night
Triple Bungalow: Rp. 900.000 IDR / Night
Deluxe: Rp. 1,000,000 IDR/ Night
Family: Rp. 1.250.000 IDR / Night
Cottage: Rp. 3,000,000 IDR / Night

The above price list is not binding, meaning it may change at any time as per the provisions of the hotel. please contact us for reservations and check Room Rates Hotel Lava View, We also offer “Cheap Travel Packages Bromo” which can help you to travel in bromo

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