Hotel In Kawah Ijen, Bondowoso & Banyuwangi East Java

Hotels near Ijen Crater In BOndowoso – The active volcano is highly in demand by foreign tourists and trekking lovers. Ijen Crater is located at the end of Java Island precisely Banyuwangi district of East Java Indonesia.

Ijen Crater has a very wide caldera approximately 20 km for its size. Ijen Crater has incredible views so beautiful that many world travelers come to Ijen crater.

The wide crater resembles a lake and the color of its blue water gives a special meaning to the eyes that look at it. Today Ijen Crater has become a new belle for domestic tourists who previously only in the dominance of foreign tourists visiting the crater Ijen.

With the increasing number of visitors to Ijen Crater then this really becomes the attention of the local government of banyuwangi district and the Hotel or Homestay businessmen so that we can find some Hotels and Homestay located in the area around Ijen that makes it easy for visitors to look for lodging when doing tours to Ijen crater or in indonesian named Kawah Ijen Bondowoso.

Therefore for those of you who want to spend their holidays to the crater of ijen, we give recommendation of hotel in kawah ijen in area that is near with Ijen Crater.



arabica homestay hotel in kawah ijen

is one of the hotels near Ijen Crater, located in the village of Sempol which is approximately 13 km before heading paltuding. Its location is very close to the main road about 1 km. Go to Arabica Homestay You will treated with scenery indulge in the eyes cause on the side of the road in the plant a variety of beautiful flowers. Arabica Homestay Arabica is a beautiful, comfortable and fresh air hotel in the morning that gives you a unique feel for you as if you are in rural Africa. In the area around Arabica Homestay there is a coffee plantation whose aroma is able to make you passionate and want to immediately enjoy a cup of Arabica warm coffee whose name is worldwide. Arabica Homestay In front of Homestay there is also a strawberry garden that has been around since 2003. Arabica

Facilities: There are three types of rooms in Arabica Homestay namely VIP Room, Standart Room and Economy which every room there is a bathroom that is equipped with a hot shower and of course Breakfast that has been prepared by the hotel. Arabica Homestay Hope this information can help you who want to travel and stay at the crater area of ​​ijen and hopefully Arabica Homestay / this hotel in kawah ijen becomes your choice when deciding to travel to Ijen Crater.


catimor hotel in kawah ijen

is also one of the hotels near Ijen Crater, which is classified as an old building and has been established since 1894 which was built by the Dutch while still in power on this Mother Earth. Colonial atmosphere and feel is still felt when you enter this homestay that deliberately not eliminated by the manager so it is not surprising that many foreign tourists who spend the night in this homestay especially tourists who come from the land of Dutch windmills. Catimor Homestay On the far side of Homestay there is an attractive swimming pool where you can sit beside it just to enjoy coffee while reading a magazine.

This homestay is the closest homestay to Ijen Crater about 30 minutes away. In the area around the homestay there is Hot Spring Water “Hot Spring” which is sourced directly from the flow of Ijen crater which supposedly can make the skin more beautiful. Hot spring water is popularly known as Jacuzzi and just behind the hot spring water is the famous Blawan Waterfall. Catimor Homestay Homestay facility: This Homestay has 3 types of rooms namely Superior room, Triple room and standart room. Do not miss when you visit the crater of ijen to try catimor Homestay as your place of stay.


ijen view hotel in kawah ijen bondowoso

Bondowoso is known for its cool city and the hospitality of the original community. The city is considered a cultural center of MEGALITIKUM and offers many interesting things to explore and discover by visitors. From the spectacular beauty of the ijen crater, from the elegance of traditional dances to the souvenir diversity as well as the distinctive traditional sport, and the natural scenery, Ijen view will always help to organize your trip.

While exploring the city of Bondowoso, you can enjoy the facilities and comfort of Ijenview hotel. For businessmen and tourists we provide various activities. As one of the options, enjoy the various facilities we provide such as swimming pool with natural concept, Spa, Out bond, Children play ground, Restaurant offering delicious flavors, and accompanied by music from international bars.this hotel is includ the nearst hotel in kawah ijen


palm hotel in kawah ijen bondowoso

Hotel Palm Cheap Hotel in Kawah Ijen Bondowoso. Hotel Palm is one of the List of Cheap Hotels In Bondowoso. This Hotel is located at Jalan Jend A Yani 32 Bondowoso with phone number 0332-427185, 421201, 421505. This Hotel Palm Bondowoso page contains information about Hotel Palm Bondowoso such as Address Hotel, No Tlp, and Rates / Rates Hotel Palm Bondowoso.

Hotel Palm Bondowoso Address Address: Jalan Jend A Yani 32 Bondowoso
Phone / Contact Number: 0332-427185, 421201, 421505Rates / Rates Hotel Palm Bondowoso
Data Not Available, Please Hobungi No Tlp Hotel Palm Bondowoso ie 0332-427185, 421201, 421505 or directly to the address of Jend A Yani 32 Bondowoso for more information.


Well talking about hotels in Banyuwangi, in fact this city has various hotels / inns with excellent facilities and services. So for those of you who are looking for Hotels in Banyuwangi, maybe this post can be a reference when going to visit banyuwangi.

Here we present information of various Hotel and Lodging in Bnyuwangi, Banyuwangi Hotel offers rates ranging from cheap to quite expensive, but it all depends on your choice, we suggest you should choose the hotel by looking at each budget for the money you have can be used for other holiday purposes.


The first hotel in Banyuwangi is Hotel Mangir Asri. The address is on Jl. Raya Mangir, Banyuwangi, East Java. Located on the edge of the busy street of Banyuwangi City allows you to more freely enjoy the atmosphere of this city.

Mangir Asri Hotel Building looks modern with characteristic bright paint colors. Some of the existing facilities at Hotel Mangir Asri include free wifi around the hotel and every room, ample parking space, coffe shop, restaurant etc.

This one is a cheap hotel in Banyuwangi. Price Stay at Hotel Mangir Asri Banyuwangi start from Rp 76,157 s / d Rp 220,455. You can book directly here.


List of Lodging and Hotel in Kawah Ijen of Banyuwangi Start Price Under 100 Thousand, Lodging in the next banyuwangi is Osingvacation. This one room also includes cheap hotels in Banyuwangi, the price starts from <100rb. Osingvacation’s address is on Jl. Attorney General Suprapto Rt. 04 / Rw 02 West, Penganjuran, Banyuwangi, Indonesia.

Osingvacation is located about 11.23 km from Blimbingsari Airport Banyuwangi and ± 22.15 km from Ijen Crater Museum and ± 42.21 km from Baluran National Park which is a pride tourism object of Banyuwangi Regency.

Hotel prices in Banyuwangi this one starts from Rp 95.291 to Rp 105.481. You can book directly here friends.


List of Lodging and Hotel in Kawah Ijen of Banyuwangi Start Price Under 100 Thousand, Kampoeng Pakis Inn is a row of Hotek Murah in Banyuwangi besides the two hotels above. The address of this inn in Banyuwangi is located at Jl. Cendrawasih No. 13, RT 002 / RW 001, Pakis, Banyuwangi, Indonesia. To be able to stay here you can prepare a budget starting from Rp 100.207 s / d Rp 105.217.


List of Lodging and Hotel in Kawah Ijen of Banyuwangi Start Price Under 100 Ribu If this one is a Homestay that is close to Object Crater Ijen, Banyuwangi. The address is in Glondok Rt. 01/01, Desa Licin, Kec. Slick, Banyuwangi, East Java. To stay here you just need to prepare the budget debesar Rp 100,207. Immediately booked here


List of Lodging and Hotel in Banyuwangi Start Price Under 100 Thousand, Osing Inn Village is one of the inns in Banyuwangi that is close to Banyuwangi Station. From station to Kampung Osing Inn takes about 5 minutes drive. Baluran National Park and Banyuwangi Airport ± 1 hour drive and is 25 km from Ijen crater. Rates stay here starting from Rp 112.231 to Rp 118.139. You can book directly here.


List of Lodging and Hotel in Kawah Ijen of Banyuwangi Start Price Under 100 Thousand, Hotels in Banyuwangi near the beach are Baru Dua Beach. The location is on Jl. Raya Situbondo Km.12, Banyuwangi, East Java 68419. You can enjoy stay at the Hotel with shades / beach view.

There are 3 choices of rooms each having different prices. Dance hotel in Banyuwangi this one starts from Rp 168,107 to Rp 443,441. Immediately booked here.


List of Lodging and Hotel in Kawah Ijen of Banyuwangi Start Price Under 100 Thousand, The next hotel in Banyuwangi is Ijen Resto and Guest House. In addition to its strategic location, this one lodging to be one of the accommodation is quite close from Ijen Crater, the distance ± 11.88 km. Rates stay at Ijen Resto and Guest House Banyuwangi from Rp 200,414 to Rp 320,662. If you are interested to stay here can directly booking below friends.


mirah hotel in kawah ijen

List of Lodging and Hotel in Banyuwangi Start Price Under 100 Thousand, If you are looking for hotels in Banyuawangi that offer quality facilities and services, you can choose Mirah Hotel Banyuwangi. The location is only ± 10 minutes from the Port of Ketapang which is a ferry port to Bali Island. This unique Banyuwangi Hotel with its unique boutique concept, every room at Mirah Hotel Banyuwangi includes modern Javanese traditional elements. Each room is equipped with satellite TV, air conditioning, comes with a private terrace and there is also a refrigerator, a writing desk, and a wardrobe and some other amenities.

Supported with culinary delights with the Restaurant which serves a variety of delicious menu choices from 07.00 to 23.00. here also has other supporting facilities such as swimming pool and Jacuzzi pool so that it can be an inn for you and your family while visiting Banyuwangi. Hotel rates in banyuwangi this one starts from Rp 344,711 to Rp 681,405 per night. You can directly book here friends.


manyar hotel in kawah ijen banyuwangi

List of Lodging and Hotel in Banyuwangi Start Price Under 100 Thousand, Hotel Manyar Garden also includes hotels in Banyuwangi close to the Ketapang port. Each room at Manyar Garden Hotel has TV, air conditioning, seating and refrigerator and mini bar respectively. Then the added value of the Hotel in Banyuwangi this one dalah the outdoor pool and park around the hotel location, you can swim with family or just relax in the garden area of ​​this hotel.

You can also book non-smoking rooms and rooms as you wish. Besides services and public facilities such as room service and laundry and cleanliness can also be enjoyed here. Then other facilities are Manyar Garden Hotel Restaurant, here there are various local and even international food. Manyar Garden Hotel is very close to Ketapang Port, if the walk may be about 7-10 minutes, while from Blimbingsari Airport Banyuwangi takes ± 30 minutes by driving. Then to get to the center of Banyuwangi City takes ± 15 minutes by driving. There are several room options with room rates from Rp 304,629 to Rp 657,356. You can directly order them here friends.


hotel ijen tesort hotel in kawah ijen banyuwangi

List of Lodging and Hotel in Banyuwangi Start Price Under 100 Thousand, Ijen Resort and Villas into a row of hotels in Banyuwangi with rural views. This one has a swimming pool around the courtyard of the Hotel. The location is in Dusun Pesucen Randu Agung RT. 2 RW. 2 Kluncing Village, Kec. Slippery. Accommodation rates in Banyuwangi is Rp 849,753 to Rp 945,951. If interested to stay here can directly booking.

In addition to some of the Lodging and Hotels in Kawah Ijen Banyuwangi described above. Actually there are many other hotel choices that you can find in Banyuwangi. If you want to see and choose other hotels, can Find and Booking Direct Here. Similarly List of Lodging and Hotel in Banyuwangi Start Price Under 100 Thousand that we can convey. Hopefully useful and can be a reference lodging when visiting the city of Banyuwangi.

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