Car Rentals + Driver + Fuel (Surabaya – Mount Bromo) Cheap Price

Car Rentals + Driver + Fuel (Surabaya – Mount Bromo) Cheap Price  – For those of you who are in Surabaya want to visit Mount Bromo Tourism and plan to rent a car, it is very appropriate to read these tips first. Make sure how many people will come with you first if you want to go to rent a car, so you can determine exactly what car you will rent. For example, who left with you 5 people, then the new Avanza type enough. If 3 people are departing, maybe you should look for more friends so that those leaving are even 5 or 6 people.

Surabaya - Mount Bromo car rentals

Then look for a car rental package that serves a 24-hour rental package, do not choose a car rental package that is per-day, because if you rent a car per day, you will probably pay double if the departure date is different from the end date. Suppose you leave on March 6, and finish on March 7. Then your car rental will be calculated in 2 days, because the calculation system is per date, even though the use of the rental car is no more than 24 hours. But if you rent a car with a 24-hour package, for example, you leave on 6-March at 6:00 p.m. 18:00 and finish on 7 -March 15:00. You only charge 1 hour 24 hours. The price for a new Avanza + driver is 550,000, – / 24 hours. It is more economical if you rent with a rental package of 650,000 per day, x 2 days.

Car Rental Surabaya – Mount Bromo – Surabaya

If you start your trip in Surabaya, leave at night, around 11:00 p.m. is the perfect time, with a relaxed and unhurried trip, you will arrive around Bromo Tourism at 3:00 p.m. so you have about 1 hour in that place to rest for a while and look for a jeep rental car to take you to the top of the climb to enjoy the sunrise. Look for a jeep rental car to take you to only two points of interest, first take you to the top of the climb to see the sunrise, the second drive to the crater of Mount Bromo. Jeep car rental prices also vary, you also have to be good at bargaining in this case, if you lucky and good at bargaining prices 750rb for 1 unit of the car (including car + driver + fuel service), you will get to take you to these two points.

After you enjoy the enchanting sunrise at the summit of Bromo, then enjoy the beauty of the crater of Mount Bromo, you can go back to the starting place of the jeep rental around 09:00. Then you can return to Surabaya with ease, bring beautiful memories of Bromo back to Surabaya. Here are the estimated costs you must pay.

Prices Surabaya City Tour Per Day

Type Brand Egine/ CC Capacity Car + Driver Car + Driver + Fuel
Mobilio Honda 1500 6 seat 650K 750K
Avanza / Xenia Toyota / Daihatsu 1300/1500 6 seat 650K 750K
Innova Reborn Toyota 2000 – 2400 6-7 seat 850K 1.050K


Price list of rental and rental cars to the city of Surabaya – Bromo – Malang – Banyuwangi Etc

Destinations Duration Mobilio Avanza/Xenia Innova Reborn
Batu / Malang  1 Day 850K 750K 1.000K
Malang Selatan  1 Day 1.000K 900K 1.300K
Bromo Midnight  1 Day 950K 950K 1.200K
Ijen – Baluran  2 Day 1900K 1800K 2.150K
Banyuwangi  2 Day 1900K 1800K 2.150K
Pacitan  2 Day 2100K 1900K 2.350K
Lumajang – B29  1 Day 1.000K 1.000K 1.400K
Sumenep – Gili Labak  1 Day 1.000K 1.000K 1.350K
Probolinggo (Songa/Gili Ketapang)  1 Day 950K 850K 1.350K
Trawas / Tretes  1 Day 850K 850K 1.200K
Jember (Papuma/Watu Ulo)  1 Day 1.050K 1.050K 1.250K
Sarangan  1 Day 1.250K 1.150K 1.250K

Bromo Ijen Tourism Car Terms and Conditions

  • The unit cannot release the key (without driver)
  • Rent a vehicle with a driver
  • 16-hour working hours from 6:00 to 22:00 (one day)
  • Car rental above 06.00 still subject to rental a day
  • Car Rental prices do not include parking, tolls and driver meals
  • Driver meal allowance per day is Rp.50,000 / or if you wish to be invited to every meal
  • Car rental above 21.00 will be subject to midnight price (there is an additional fee)
  • Rent at least 1 day, can not be half a day
  • Order at least 1 day before use
  • The reservation is accompanied by a down payment of 50% of the rental price
  • Settlement of rent at the time of pickup at the meeting point / at the end of the trip
  • One-sided cancellation of tenants eating a forfeited advance payment
  • Overtime usage is charged, so it is charged 10% per hour from the rental price of 1 day
  • For out-of-town use and overnight stays, a driver’s stay fee is IDR 150,000 / night
  • Loss/damage of goods while traveling is outside Gosuroboyo’s responsibility
  • The above prices are valid for low season, prices can change at any time


If you want a complete package with hotel, entrance ticket tours, and others we also serve custom tours or that can be adjusted to your request, the following Bromo Tour Package East Java and surrounding areas if you are interested in using our tour services:

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