Camping Tour Packages At Mount Bromo 2 Days 1 Night

Camping Tour Packages At Mount Bromo 2 Days 1 Night – Mount Bromo is a tourist attraction found in East Java known as the beauty of the sunrise or sunrise. Not only that, there are other uniqueness such as the sea of ​​sand in the form of a vast caldera found on the mountain. In addition to enjoying the beauty of sunrise from Penanjakan 1 Bromo Peak and Mount Bromo Crater that can emit white sulfur smoke, other interesting attractions are Madakaripura Waterfall, Bromo Savana Padang, Bromo Sand Sea, Kasada Ceremony, Teletubies Hill and so on.

Mount Bromo is a National Park that is the area of ​​Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park whose name derives from the word Brahma which is the highest deity in the belief of Hindus and is a religion that is adhered to in the local community.

Mount Bromo As The Best Sunrise And Tourism In The World

Tourist attractions on Mount Bromo are mostly mountain nature tourism. To see the sunrise, you can tour at night, which is around 03.00 WIB by using a Jeep Hardtop or motorbike. That way, you can see the beauty of the sunrise from the top of the hill in the view point of a place commonly used to enjoy the view of Mount Bromo from a height.

Sunrise camping at mount bromo

Camping at mount Bromo East Java, Indonesia on a hill with beautiful views of the galaxy star (Bromo Milky Way) and very cold air. We Bromo Ijen Tourism provides camping at mount Bromo for families / tour groups as well as camping facilities as well as camping locations at Mount Bromo where the place is very strategic, spacious and comfortable, of course, very suitable as a tourist camping spot together. The camping at Mount Bromo that we provide are on the Mentigen Hill, which is one of the alternative places to see Mount Bromo Sunrise, from this location you can see the other side of the panorama of Mount Bromo, Mount Batok, stretch of sea sand and views of Ngadisari Village from an altitude of 2,273 meters above sea level.

camping at mount bromo

Camping At Mount Bromo

We provide Camping at Mount Bromo or Camping Tour in Mount Bromo to suit the many requests from our clients who have used our travel agent tour services, Camping at Mount Bromo East Java will be a pleasant recreation for you, because camping locations are around Mount Bromo and are one of the places to see the best sunrise and you can also capture Milky Way photography.

Mount Bromo Camping Tour Package, To enjoy camping at mount Bromo, you can start / start a tour from Surabaya, Malang, Batu City, Banyuwangi or other East Java area centers, carry out details or Briner Itinerary packages for 2 days 1 night camp tour:


  • The Trip of Mount Bromo Camping Package, we start with your pick-up at the airport in Surabaya, Malang, Banyuwangi, then head to the camping spot in Bromo Bukit Mentigen for a 3.5 hour trip.
  • Arriving at the camping site, staying in the tent for 1 night while enjoying the natural beauty of the summit, diantaranaya stretch of sea of ​​sand, Mount Batok, Bromo crater, Mount Semeru and other natural beauty around Bromo, if our fate is good, then we will be spoiled by the beauty of Bromo Milky Way.


  • 02:30 AM you will be picked up by using the Bromo Jeep tour and heading to 1 Bromo climbing tour to see the sunrise piculously 05:20. to see panoramas around Mount Bromo, namely the sea of ​​sand, G Batok and Mt Semeru (the highest mountain in Java) until 06.30AM.
  • Then the tour continues to Mount Bromo Crater, here we can walk or rent a horse that starts from the Jeep parking lot with a duration of 20 minutes to reach Bromo Crater.
  • After that it was continued by visiting Whispering Sands, Padang Savana and Bromo teletubbies hill.
  • Then we invite you to breakfast before taking the participants back to Surabaya, Malang, Batu city that has been agreed before and the Camping Mount Bromo tour package is complete.

Price For Camping At Mount Bromo East Java


  • Full trip transport
  • 4wd Jeep for the Milky Way, Sunrise Tour.
  • The entrance ticket to the national park Bromo perched
  • 1 night stay in a tent
  • Camping Equipment (Tents, Slepping Bag, Mattress Camp)
  • Porter Guide
  • Mineral water during the tour
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (Option / Adjust to Budget)

Camping Bromo Package Prices Not Included:

  • Personal expenses (medicines / snacks)
  • Charge camera / camcorder.
  • Bromo horse
  • Madakaripura Waterfall

Tips Camping At Mount Bromo Probolinggo

For a trip to Mount Bromo, make sure that your transportation and use routes must be safe especially if you are going to use a large bus. Prepare clothes, warm clothes and raincoats and personal medicines. To get an amazing sunrise view of Mount Bromo, tourists can visit it during the dry season which is around May to October, and make sure you have brought camping gear to Mount Bromo, but if you do not bring camping equipment you can rent camping equipment, such as tents, and other cooking utensils.

Mount Bromo always gives its uniqueness and attracts attention. Are you also not interested in putting your feet on Mount Bromo? Enjoy the mountainous sensation in a fun way accompanied by a treat of amazing views that are worldwide.

Thus is the info about the Camping at Mount Bromo Tour Package. For more information about the price of tour packages bookings, please contact the contact that we have provided.

NB, if we arrive at the Bromo area earlier or around 3:30 p.m., then we have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Sunset of Mount Bromo

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